VON KONOW is all about contradictions.

A synthesis of different, even conflicting, styles and identities, the new solo act by singer and songwriter Marko von Konow combines pop melodies with orchestral instrumentation alongside glam sounds and rough beats.

Dividing his time between the cold, arctic light of Helsinki, Finland, and the blazing sun of Alentejo, Portugal, von Konow draws inspiration from his journeys across the world and the cities on five continents. In his work, we can hear the influence of different ages of music from cabaret to progressive rock and synth pop.

Von Konow’s presence is powerful and engaging, inspired not only by the various styles of music but by theatre and film as well. He invites his listeners to embark on a journey to lucid atmospheres and distant places.

In his albums “Lieder” and “For All and None” von Konow creates a kaleidoscope of light and shadow, both musically and emotionally. The songs tell about the melancholy of short, intimate encounters and travels through highs and lows.

* * *

Music: the breathing of statues.
Perhaps: the silence of pictures.
Language where all languages end.
The transformation of feeling into audible landscape.